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cory-driver-180x300.jpgI moved to Morocco with the Peace Corps after I completed my undergraduate studies, because the only thing I was really sure about for the future was that I did not want to have my summer job in a bank turn into my career (though it was great as a summer job!).

After two years of learning Moroccan Arabic and Tamazight [a.k.a. “Berber,” but that is an offensive term in these parts] and meeting all sorts incredible women entrepreneurs, it was clear to me that I was as ill-suited for development work as I was for banking. I was fascinated with vernacular religion, or the ways that normal, everyday folks interact with God and strive for “good,” apart from official, authoritative versions of what people are supposed to think, believe or do.

I grew up going to different churches, and during my undergraduate and masters, I spent a couple years going to Hillel centers as well. With a couple years of living, working and celebrating with Moroccan Muslims and Jewish Israelis added to my experience, I was ready to pursue a career studying how people use religion to understand and shape the world.

Through incredible human and divine generosity, I was able to complete my Ph.D. in Jewish Religious Cultures [though the joke around my department was that the Jewish religious culture that I studied and wrote about was, in fact, Islam… More on that in my first book].

Freshly minted as Dr. Driver in the Fall of 2017, I returned to life in Morocco. I teach study-abroad students about Moroccan culture and society, Qur’an, gender and politics. In the gig economy that is our modern life, I also supply preach at our friendly little expat church.

In the hours I am not employed outside the house, I am primary caregiver to my son and helpmate to my wife.

This website is an opportunity for me to collect and share some of my writings. I hope you enjoy!

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